Minor in Neuroscience

A neuroscience minor was developed several years ago as a collaboration between the Departments of Psychology and Biological Sciences through the USC Honors College. The program is now co-directed by Sandra Kelly (Psychology) and Jeff Twiss (Biological Sciences). The curriculum offers the student an opportunity to gain in depth knowledge of neurosciences. The minor is a popular option that majors in Psychology, Biological Sceinces and Biochemistry choose. More information is provided on the website for the Neurosciences Minor. Also note that students in the minor are required to complete a research experience in a neuroscience-based lab.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

All of the neuroscience-focused faculty engage undergraduate students in their research projects, including mentoring students for their Honors Theses. This is a wonderful opportunity to work directly with faculty, research fellows and graduate students to get hands-on experience in cutting edge research. Research programs vary as to how many students they accept into their labs, expectations for time commitment and student qualifications. Consult the faculty member directly for possible openings and keep in mind that getting started early in your undergraduate career often brings the the most productive research experience. The USC’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Vice President for Research Office websites have information for awards to fund portions of your research.